Term coined by John Vervaeke to describe a sense of disconnection (from self and others) and the preponderance of bullshit.

Definition from the Vervaeke Foundation:

We are in the midst of a mental health crisis. There are increases in anxiety disorders, depression, despair, and suicide rates are going up in North America, parts of Europe, and other parts of the world. This mental health crisis is itself due to, and engaged with, crises in the environment and the political system, those in turn are enmeshed within a deeper cultural historical crisis that John Vervaeke calls “The Meaning Crisis”. It’s more and more pervasive throughout our lives. And there’s a sense of drowning in this old ocean of bullshit. And we have to understand, why is this the case? And what can we do about it? Today, there is an increase of people feeling very disconnected from themselves, from each other, from the world, and from a viable and foreseeable future.

Not solving the meaning crisis is probably a catastrophic risk