I like the idea of having a signed contract with myself. I review this contract quarterly. This is the current version. I keep around a printed-out, signed version of this.

Professional life

I, Linus Sehn, will do everything in my power to get better at something hard every day. My full attention is on the task at hand. I am indistractable because I enjoy focus. Focus enables excellence and I want to be excellent. My day revolves around undistracted work.

I listen at least twice as much as I speak. I seek to understand first, being understood comes second.

I welcome any criticism, no matter how it is presented or how bad it is. If I feel offended, that is just my ego. I know I can overcome the feeling and continue listening attentively.

Attaining mastery in anything that is worth it will be hard and, in the process, I will doubt that I will ever get there. I don’t listen to that and continue practicing. I long for the pain of not understanding something, for it enables the joy of finally getting it. If I fail, I try again. I will not let my ego get in the way of pursuing mastery.

Social life

I will do everything in my power to be useful to those who I care about. I want to connect with new people and create community wherever I can. Life is fragile and can end anytime, so I should get to it. Fear is the mind-killer and will never stop me from communicating honestly and respectfully with others. We all struggle, no matter how beautiful and intelligent we seem.

I am a reflection of the people that I spend most of my time with. I make sure these people are loving and smart as I want to be loving and smart. I won’t ever let friendships die out of laziness but I’m not afraid to let people go who cross a boundary or drag others down. Holding eye contact creates a feeling of intense connection. I like doing it.

I will take any rejection of my presence or my ideas as a valuable lesson, recalibrate and continue my journey. I will do something I am afraid of every day. Giving up or pitying myself is not an option for me.